I am a trainer for NLP and hypnosis, a Certified Practitioner of NLP Coaching, a Master NLP Practitioner, a Master Time Line Therapy™ Practitioner, and a Master Hypnotherapist. I have worked with people in a range of settings for over 30 years with one common factor; all the people I have worked with have been seeking change, taking their lives to the next level and aiming for where they want to be.

I am passionate about supporting people as they embark on change. My mission statement underpins all the work that I do, and reflects many of my core beliefs and values.

Mission Statement

I hold a profound belief that everyone is capable of change
and with the right support at the right time
everyone can achieve their goals.

I am committed to supporting people to make those changes.

I fully respect the diverse nature
and value the unique challenges of everyone with whom I work.

Professional Registration
I am registered with the American Board of NLP Practitioners, the Time Line Therapy™ Association, the American Board of Hypnotherapy, and the Association for NLP.​ The American Board of NLP was founded in 1995 by Dr. A. M. Krasner as an adjunct to the American Board of Hypnotherapy and has functioned as its sister organisation since then.

Through-out the world, the ABNLP standards for each of the membership levels are pretty much the same. For example, NLP Training in Australia, the UK or Germany is very much like an NLP Practitioner Training in the United States. Each of the Certified Trainers will cover the same content. I trained with one of the Approved Institutes and when you see the seal of the ABNLP you can be sure that this high level of excellence has been subscribed to by the Training Institute.
The American Board of Hypnotherapy was founded in 1982 by Dr. A. M. Krasner as The California Board of Hypnotherapy. Within a short time it grew to be the American Board of Hypnotherapy with members all over the world. It, too, sets rigorous standards for all those trained through Approved Institutes.
Time Line TherapyTM techniques were developed in the 1980s by Tad James. The Time Line Therapy Association is the professional body for all those who have successfully completed their training to the required standards and with a recognised trainer.

The ANLP was founded in 1985, owned and run by its members. It has evolved over the years into the international organistion which it is today, offering independent and impartial advice to its growing membership. It is a respected body with high professional standards for all of its members.